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Manchester United Will Win The EPL Next Season


Manchester United legend, Phil Neville, believes Jose Mourinho could win the English Premier League if Manchester United wins about 90 per cent of the games that they play at Old Trafford.
Manchester won just eight games of their league games at Manchester United as they finished in sixth place after 10 draws at home.

Mourinho went on to win the Europa League and EFL Cup and Phill Neville who was part of the class of 92 left the club in 2005 to join Everton, believes that the Portuguese coach will lead the club to more success.

“If you look back at the games that they drew at Old Trafford and change 90 per cent of those games into wins, then they would probably have close to the top of the title.”

“If they can step up next season, then it is almost certain that Manchester United will win the title next season.”

Manchester United are doing great so far and the fact that the manager shows confidence. The team that won the EFL Cup and Europa League can compete in the Champions League next season.

Phil Neville played in over 350 games for Manchester United, also posited that the team needs to make more signings in order to make the team more competitive.

“It will be a very difficult season because everyone is improving their team so they need to do the same.”

Mourinho needs to improve the Team

“Manchester United needs to improve their team because they finished outside the top 4 last season.

“Although at the moment when I pick up a newspaper, I see that a plethora of players are linked with Manchester United. But I believe the club will improve the team so he can win the EPL for Manchester United because it has been a while.”