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Mars astronauts with greater risk of cancer than they thought


You cannot know the time to book on Mars. Researchers have released a study that estimated the risk of cosmic rays cancer twice as high as thought. They have discovered that traditional risk models are incomplete. While NASA and other cancer-believing groups only come from direct cell damage and mutations, the new model explains the ability to increase severely damaged cells, cancer risk for “cellular” cells. It is difficult to escape the suction effect.

Cosmic rays are a threat rather than much more expected

And unfortunately, it’s not simply a matter of using a thicker universe to be. The team believes that existing radiation shielding technology shields only a “mild drop” threat. Remember the astronauts are likely to spend hundreds of days on the planet with little protection from cosmic rays and more than a year in the universe. You need protection that can withstand heavy exposure to cosmic radiation for a long time, and the current machine is adapted to support only a mild level.

Scientists see their results as a call to action. The medical community needs to spend more time assessing the risk of cancer before astronaut on long journeys, and there are serious ethical concerns when sending humans to send people to Mars without a good understanding of complications. Would you like to visit the astronauts to know that there is a significant possibility of a premature end as a result of looking for? This does not mean that people have to put all the visitors waiting to be busy, but you should think twice before our survey plans fail.