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Matt Tedeschi, 31, Fired From School After Students Discover OkCupid Profile And Expose Sexuality


Matt Tedeschi, 31, a Religion and French teacher at Chicago’s St. Ignacius College Prep, has been dismissed from school after students discovered his OkCupid profile and exposed his sexuality at the school.

Tedeschi has been teaching at the school for almost 4 years; however, he was allegedly dismissed from work due to his sexual orientation which is adamantly opposed and disdained by the Catholic church.

School Student Mocks Teacher’s Sexuality

Tedeschi told DNAInfo, “In this place that prides itself on being a value-based school and teaches us to care for the vulnerable and marginalized, it’s precisely the same religious basis that allows horrible harassment to take place.”

The teacher has never mentioned or hinted at his sexuality in class, moreover, he has not inserted his real name or profession on his dating profile.

The account featured three photos on it, one picture in which he is shirtless, yet not nude. He told DNAInfo that many other teachers of St. Ignacius have created accounts on OkCupid.

“[A student] ‘outed’ me to a bunch of students,” Tedeschi said. “He knew that he was making fun of me and insulting me. He wanted to embarrass me.”

Tedeschi reported to the school principal after he discovered that student leaked screenshots of his picture on OkCupid.

However, the procedures the sؤhool administrations have taken were two detentions for the student and dismissal for the teacher as they told him that his contract would not be renewed due to the scandalised shirtless photo. Nonetheless, Tedeschi alleged that he faced dismissal on the ground of his sexuality.

“It’s a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, because they are worried about negative fallout,” he said. “I never would have taken this job if I thought this could happen to me.”

The School’s Opinion

On the other hand, the school has put its opinion of having openly homosexual teachers over, saying, “The questions that you raise touch upon issues that are taken seriously by our school. Saint Ignatius College Prep has as its core mission a diverse community dedicated to educating young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership. Through outstanding teaching and personal formation, the school challenges its talented student body to intellectual excellence, integrity, and life-long learning and growth. Inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ, this community strives to use God’s gifts to promote social justice for the greater glory of God.”