Home Technology Microsoft includes Windows bounty program that can give out $250,000

Microsoft includes Windows bounty program that can give out $250,000


Researchers will earn a quarter of about a million dollars if remote code execution in Hyper-V can be gained.

Microsoft has launched its Windows bounty program that makes for the security lapses in its Windows 10 Insider Preview slow ring. The biggest payout of the program for unique functioning exploit that operates with Hyper-V will be $250,000. The program will allow for execution of remote codes as well impact the host kernel and hypervisor. However, the recent release of the Windows Insider Preview slow ring will need the services of the exploit.

Microsoft’s budget

In an explanatory note, Microsoft hints that any submission that recreates in a former WIP Slow build but not the present WIP Slow as at the time of submission will be considered ineligible.
Likewise, any researcher that reports an issue to Microsoft which they already know but the researcher stands as the first external identifier of such vulnerability, Microsoft said it would give such researcher 10 percent of the largest amount appropriate to them.

Microsoft further stated that code execution problems found in a Windows Insider Preview or within the Edge web browser would have up to $15,000 with privilege removal and remote denial of service. Likewise, data disclosure exploits paid on a decreasing scale down to $500.

Microsoft launched its Office Insider Builds problem bounty program in March. This gave researcher s the opportunity to earn up to $15,000 for the regular course of the program, and an excess of $15,000 if certain valid submissions are made. The program entry stopped on June 16.

For what it’s worth, Intel premiered its bug bounty program, with a chip giant pledging to part with $10,000 for serious firmware bugs, $7,500 for critical software bugs and about $30,000 for each Intel hardware bug made known to the company.