Home Technology Microsoft releases Outlook App for Android and iOS Devices!

Microsoft releases Outlook App for Android and iOS Devices!


Microsoft has come out with the announcement that it was releasing a version of its Outlook App especially designed for the Android and iOS devices. Talking about the all new Outlook app for the two mobile operating platforms, the well-known software company said that the Microsoft app has been designed to make sifting through contacts, e-mail, file-sharing and calendar easier and is based on the software designed by Acompli, an app business that was purchased by Microsoft for more than  $200 mn in December.

What are some of the feature that can be found in the new Microsoft Outlook App?

At present, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and iTunes. Compared to the iOS version, the Android version – called the “Preview” – lacks behind in terms of features and performance. Nonetheless, Microsoft Outlook app comes with a number of user-friendly features such as the predictive search feature that enable users to easily find their files, contacts or e-mails. The new app also features a section called “People” that allows users to see the list of contacts that are the most popular. Most importantly, users do not need a Microsoft account in order to use the new Outlook app. The varied features of the new app has been designed to work with all other email services from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365, Gmail to Outlook.com, and Apple iCloud toYahoo Mail.

The new Microsoft Outlook app to replace existing apps for iOS and Android devices

While the latest Microsoft Outlook app is meant to eventually replace the current crop of apps – Outlook.com and OWA – for Android and iOS devices, in the meantime, the older apps will continue to be around. They will be slowly but steadily replaced as the Microsoft Outlook app gets regularly updated in order to improve its performance and feature.