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Mother murdered by ex partner who then took children to zoo


A mother was brutally murdered by her jealous ex partner while her three children slept upstairs, a court has heard.
Paul Hemming is alleged to have battered Natalie Hemming, 31, to death in a brutal killing after she candidly told him she was in love with another man.
After the killing, Hemming then wrapped her naked body in to a carpet before putting her in the boot of his black people carrier.
He then drove to a secluded spot around 30 miles away from her home where he found a place to dump her in woodland. The body was not discovered for another three weeks following her death.
Just hours after murdering their mother, he is said to have taken the three children, who were all aged under 12, on an outing to the zoo.
Prosecuting, Simon Russell Flint, said that evidence showed Hemming severely beat Natalie over the head.
The couple had not got married, but Natalie had made the commitment of changing her name to his via deed poll.
But she then told Hemming that she had fallen in love with a colleague she worked with, Simon Dennis. She said their relationship had become physical the night before she was killed.
The prosecution says that enraged by jealousy, 43-year-old Hemming battered Natalie to death in the living room of the home they shared in Milton Keynes.
The jury was told that Hemming was overheard while in a police cell saying: “I guess I’ll be charged with murder, so I won’t be coming back to work.”
Natalie’s long-term friend Rebecca Hornsby has given evidence. She said she was the godmother of the couple’s youngest daughter at her Christening earlier this year. Hemming did not attend, which caused the pair to split up on a temporary basis.
Miss Hornsby told the court: “She told me that they had an argument one night and that she told Paul that Simon fancied her at work.”
The court also heard that Natalie and her colleague had exchanged a series of texts and WhatsApp messages in the days before she was killed. In these, she is said to have confided that she planned to leave Hemming.
He has pleaded not guilty to murder, but admitted manslaughter, saying that it was not his intention to kill Natalie. The trial continues at Luton Crown Court. Google advices guest post service for its google news services.