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North Little Rock Police Officer Helps A Collapsed Pregnant Woman On The Road


Officer Tommy Norman, who while driving down in North Little Rock, found a pregnant woman on June 13 lying collapsed on the road with her toddler daughter on her chest.


North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman did not recognize that there was a woman lying on the road. As soon as approached the mother and her daughter and knew about their story, he realized that he was meant to save them.

Officer Norman in North Little Rock had a reputation of a kind, compassionate and merciful man who is always eager to help the others. That is why he believes he was destined to meet Jessica and Kayla.

Jessica, the mother, fled from home due to being subjected to domestic abuse in March. Jessica was, at that time, pregnant with a little boy, and due any day. Jessica and her daughter Kayla had spent the maximum amount of time a local women’s shelter. After they left, all Jessica could do is spend the night a public place she thought would be safe for her and her daughter.

Reaching Out

Officer Norman immediately sent them to a local motel. Norman has posted videos which went viral, promoting people to offer help. People offered clothes, shoes, diapers, and toys started arriving every day.

Officer Norman’s videos of the pair made a difference. Jessica seemed happy. Kayla transformed into a happy, playful, bouncing two-year-old.

Officer Norman and Jessica were aware that Jessica cannot fully depend on a motel room and donations. That is why Norman is trying to find her a more permanent housing situation and Jessica is looking for a job so she can afford a living. Individuals in Los Anglos and in New York are offering to pay the rent of an apartment for the little family after Jessica gave birth to baby Xavier.