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Pet store puppies connected with more illnesses


A statement issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared that many persons have been identified with health infections noted to be from puppies bought at Petland stores for pets.

Fifty-five people cutting across twelve states have been declared infected by Campylobacter. It was recorded that about thirteen people have been admitted to the hospital following its outbreak. This is an evident appreciation from the near 40 cases registered across seven states in September.

The bacteria is spread by contact with the feces of dogs

West Penn Medical Associates specialist, Dr. Lamb shared with CBS Pittsburgh that” If you fail to clean your hands with water after making contact with dog’s feces, by simply touching your mouth or any other close interacting item, there’s a high risk that you will be infected.”

A few symptoms

Campylobacteria infections seldom occur, and often people infected exhibit experience no tangible signs of being affected.
Nonetheless, a few signs are to be watched out for:
“Diarrhoea is the first symptom, along with pains in the abdomen and cramps,” Lamb revealed. “It manifests after two days or more days (less than six) after one have been exposed.”

According to Dr. Mertz of Allegheny County Department of Health located in Pennsylvania, where two cases have been registered, Ïts not new in this area, several instances of the bacteria associated with dogs is reported in this region.”

Steps towards prevention

Dr. Lamb stated that prevention is critical.
“Simple washing of hands is what really will keep the infection at bay, For your kids and then for you,” He said. “Children are more prone to being infected than adults because they are smaller and possess an immune system incomparable to that of an adult.”

Elizabeth Kunzelman, in an email, said” Info has not been made available by CDC as regards to which outlets were connected to the outbreak. No further steps are needed at this point because the CDC has not recorded any falls in the system of operation of Petland that would result in any infection from the bacteria.”

The CDC has revealed that all pet stores involved have so far been cooperating with the health officials to counter the spread of the infection.