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Pizza can now be delivered 15 degrees or hotter


Pizza Hut has adjusted its system of delivery so that it can bring about faster and hotter pizzas by announcing to the public its introduction of a new triple insulated pouch custom made for delivery. It is said that the pouch can deliver pizzas 15 degrees hotter than it used to be initially.

The pouch which has been redesigned is made in such a way that it can trap heat. Furthermore, the company has also committed to hiring over 14000 more drivers so as to significantly improve their customer service.

“The pizza pouch is our freshly designed oven-hot system of delivery,’” Zipporah Allen stated on Monday, Allen is the vice president of brand marketing and consumer insight t Pizza Hut, The pouch allowed three pizzas in boxes and was made for a delivery window of 20-35 minutes.

The pouch consists of a Thinsulate lining, an aluminum material and a fiber padding made of polyester. The layers were intricately designed and carefully considered. The box also with the new and improved pouch is some fresh additions of its own. A tray made for the pizza alongside the corrugated heat-trapping sides.

Improved Delivery

“The sheet will be available in every Pizza Hut box,” Allen revealed. Its purpose is to maintain the crispiness of the crust while the pizza is transported.

An improved algorithm is provided to guarantee more professional drivers and better delivery times, with the introduction of text notifications to keep the customer appraised about their positions per time.

The upgrades were facilitated by Yum Brands’ $130 million investment plan to better the technology and tools of Pizza Hut.
“We have discovered how to deliver hotter pizzas,” Allen shared with CNBC. “This is in line with our vision for growth and improvement.”

Pizza Hut also announced the release of Pizza Parka which was created from the same material as the Pouch. The parka is legible to be won by customers who make their orders
“the lucky recipients will have their orders kept hot despite the weather challenges out pizzas suffer from the restaurant to the place Allen shared.”

All 6,300 Pizza Hut outlets will experience this roll out of new equipment.