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Please let my husband die, wife begs judges


A heartbroken wife has begged senior judges to let her action hero husband die after he suffered catastrophic brain injuries.

Lindsey Briggs says her husband Paul, 43, who was a Gulf War veteran who became a policeman, would not want to live the way he is and should be allowed to die.

Mr Briggs suffered horrendous injuries in a motorbike accident. He collided head-on with a car with heading to work on night shift at Merseyside Police last summer.

Now, Lindsey is fighting to be allowed to turn off his life support machine. She says that life sustaining treatment is cruel and wants her husband, the father-of-her-daughter, to be able to die with dignity.

However, she is being opposed by doctors who say there is still a chance he may improve. Medics, along with an independent specialist drafted in to give evidence, claim that Mr Briggs is in a “minimally conscious state”.

Justice Charles is now due to look at both sides in a public trial which will take place at the Court of Protection, especially set up to protect the interests of people who do not have the mental capacity to make their own decisions.

Vegetative state

Currently, Mr Briggs is in the care of Liverpool’s Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. Another independent medic disagrees with the hospital and says that Mr Briggs is now in a permanent vegetative state.

Mrs Briggs, 40, has legal representation from Irwin Mitchell who say that he did not make any expression of what his wishes would be in writing, in the event of such circumstances.

However, a spokesman for the law firm said Mr Briggs’ relatives did not believe he would want to continue with treatment. The law firm said that he has been in a minimally conscious state for 17 months.

They said that as a Gulf War veteran and a dedicated police officer who lived an active life, he would not want to continue to life as he is.