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Police Receive 911 Call After Man Opens Fire At Family Inside A Car Killing A Woman, Child And Himself


A man started firing at a family inside a car killing a woman, a boy and the shooter himself while injuring two kids in Salt Lake City suburb.

Police received a 911 call on Tuesday afternoon reporting a domestic trouble in Sandy, Utah.

The crime scene

There was a car full of bullets holes, broken windows. Police also found blood in the street and a second car. Officers believe the suspect used the second car to prevent the first car from leaving area.

An unknown woman was riding the vehicle where the causalities were found. Being a “good Samaritan.” the unknown woman picked up the woman and two teenagers.

The causalities

Police found the bodies of the man, a woman and a boy along with an injured boy and girl due to the gunshot.

The boy and the girl went to the hospital. The boy was treated in critical condition and the girl was treated in stable condition.

Police doesn’t know the ages of the boy and the girl. Additionally, Investigators don’t know any details about the relationships and connections of those involved.

Nielsen is not sure whether the shooter killed himself or if someone else murdered him.

Where did it happen? How did people feel?

The shooting took place around 20 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, half a mile away from an elementary school.

Colby Corbett, a resident of the same neighborhood where the incident happened, was standing in his backyard waiting for his son, 8, to come from school. Corbett then heard 20 to 30 gunshots in only few seconds.

“I was panicking bad.” Corbett said. “I thought it was like a gun battle.”

Corbett was so thankful when his boy returned home safe and sound. His son, Anthony, didn’t worry and wasn’t scared because he thought the gunshots were fireworks.