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President Obama Shows Mercy to Chelsea Manning


President Barack Obama has just announced in responding to several pleas and campaigns that he will commute Chelsea Manning and shall be released from prison as of May 17th, instead of the set sentence for 2045.

Chelsea Manning, 29, is a transgender who served in the United States military and leaked confidential and top secret U.S. documents on WikiLeaks.

Born originally as Bradley Manning, Chelsea was sentenced to 35 years of incarceration after leaking the documents of diplomatic cables.

The whistleblower’s actions served by far as one of the biggest leaks of top secret U.S. government material throughout the history of the United States.

Some Mercy at Last

Campaigns were launched urging President Obama to offer a commute to Chelsea’s sentencing, as Chelsea had reportedly suffered psychological and physical abuse whilst in prison, and then went on a hunger strike.

Chelsea had also attempted to commit suicide at least twice as of last year whilst being confined at the Fort Leavenworth prison situated in Kansas.

The hunger strike she had done came to an end once the military approved her with additional treatment regarding gender dysphoria, which has led her to endure extreme cases of anxiety.

Last Minute Hope

As President Obama’s term ends within the next few days, he has decided to commute Chelsea, along with 209 others and pardoned 64 other individuals currently serving prison sentences.

Chelsea was charged with 22 different counts regarding the leaks she had been involved in, which exposed more than 700,000 confidential diplomatic as well as military documents including videos.

Within the classified material was a video showing an Apache helicopter which killed at least 12 civilians in the city of Baghdad back in 2007.

The leaks also exposed the U.S. military’s records from both wars that took place in Iraq as well as Afghanistan, and showed prisoners being detained at Guantanamo without ever being put to trial.

At the court hearing, Manning had apologized to the public for causing excessive damage, as she claims that her intentions were in promoting change in the world for a better cause.

The exposed documents humiliated the U.S. government, and led to a major crackdown on those leaking information from the government and possessing unauthorized material.