Home Politics President Trump arrives Seoul and 3 US-made carriers are prepared for Drill

President Trump arrives Seoul and 3 US-made carriers are prepared for Drill


Donald J Trump, the current president of the United States, has been on tour to Asia for a while now. He left on Tuesday from Japan for South Korea, then going to China after that.

His arrival to Seoul is followed by a major display of the force in the Pacific. In the days to come, aircraft carriers from the US, about three of them, along with missile-destroyers that have been tested and are guided, coupled with submarines will be engaging in a staged battle in the region’s waters, stated the US Navy.

It is a likely outcome that these actions, the show of ability will be interpreted by North Korea as an intentional provocation.

Although the US Navy has been privy to what exactly is the purpose of these displays, the US president has outlined them clearly in a press statement released in Seoul.

“I opine that we’re displaying immense strength” Trump stated. “We deployed the world’s largest aircrafts, three of them and also positioned a nuclear submarine.”

Trump had stated that he is hopeful that the resources at the hands of the US will never have to be used in actual warfare.

“With all I have said, I think honestly that it would be a good idea for North Korea to come around and let us come to an agreement that will be beneficial to all North Koreans,” he supplemented.

A war could emerge from these actions

The drill which consisted of the USS Nimitz, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the USS Ronald Reagan follows combined exercises by the US, South Korean and Australian navies.

It was not stated by Trump, which of the US submarine was held in position.

The government of North Korea shared with Will Ripley of CNN on Monday saying that it is unknown how a war would be ignited by Trump, calling him a war maniac.