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Research suggests climate change could make turbulence stronger


Results of recent research carried out at the University of Reading showed that the heavily traveled routes in Northern Hemisphere and some part of the country will experience an increased turbulence – due to climatic change that makes the planet warmer.
Dr. Paul Williams who led the research at the University of Reading, told CNN in an interview, “Climatic change is strengthening the temperature difference in the north-south, which controls the jet stream. An increase in the strength of the jet stream would result in an increase in the clear-air turbulence within and around it.”
Clear-Air turbulence is caused by rapid changes that occur in the direction or speed of air movement.
A jet stream is an unseen current of rapidly moving air which is normally around 30,000 ft from the ground.
Dr. Paul Williams and his team of researchers published their recent research last month in the journal ‘Advance in Atmospheric Science’ which showed that turbulence of different types increase in model simulations of a warming climate – most especially in ‘severe turbulence’.
“An Increase in light or moderate turbulence will not cause harm to anyone, but they are capable of causing anxiety among nervous fliers. However, the 149% increase in severe turbulence which we calculated can lead to casualties and serious injuries.” Dr. Williams said.