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Researchers create an intelligent interior that prevents back pain


Engineers in the US They designed intelligent machine wash can prevent back pain reduces muscle fatigue.

While back pain solutions are generous, most of them have at least one of three problems – which have not proved useless or simply unattractive.

“People often try to exploit a huge social problem with devices that are not tested or unstable,” said co-researcher Aron Yang Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

This concept of intelligent clothing is different

I see a lot of health care staff or other professionals who are standing or bending for longer. Smart clothing can help alleviate some of these forces and reduce muscle fatigue, “Yang said.

The device, presented at the International Society of Biomechanics in Brisbane, Australia, has two cuts of nylon fabric, lace, polyester and other chin and leg materials.
The sections were joined by strips stable in fresh media, with parts of the natural rubber in the lower back and back.

The device is designed to be used by users only when needed. A simple double-tap jacket is attached to the straps. When the task is completed, double-tap the free bands twice so the user can sit and the unit feel and behave as a normal outfit.

The device can also be controlled by the computer applications it has created. Users take advantage of their cell phones to turn on smart clothing wirelessly via Bluetooth. In the experiments participants tested the device forward and heften 11 kg and 25 kg of weight and position maintained at 30, 60 and 90 degrees.

With the help of motion capture, plate forces and electromyography equipment showed that the device reduces activity back muscles yield on average by 15 to 45% for each task.

The focus of this new technology is not for healing patients with back pain, but as a prevention by reducing stress and fat back muscles, Yang said.