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Revealed: Britain’s favourite new car colour


As well as make, model and price, another key consideration when purchasing a new car is which colour to go for. And now, Britain’s favourite choice of hue when buying a car straight from the forecourt has been revealed.

White has been Britain’s favourite shade for the last three years and has now retained its colour crown for the fourth year running. A fifth of all new registrations were white last year. However, new statistics reveal that the popularity of white is one the wane, with demand for the colour dropping by 2.1 per cent, which is the first decrease in more than a decade.

Coming in at number two was black, which seems to be just as popular in cars as with little black dresses. The shade was just behind white, with 9,467 fewer black cars sold with new registrations, meaning one in five cars purchased during 2016 were black. Many car manufacturers have decided to capitalise on the popularity of the colour by bringing out special edition ranges in the dark hue.

Shades of grey

Meanwhile, grey has had a huge surge of interest, with purchases of cars in this tone having increased by 13 per cent. The shade has traditionally been a favourite choice for those purchasing luxury or sporty models.

The other shades in the top ten were blue, red, silver, green, orange, brown and yellow. With resale value being a key consideration for many when choosing a car, it was perhaps surprising that yellow and orange were still so popular. But, it seems that motorists are determined to try to stand out from the crowd.

Yellow has made a return to the top ten after slipping from the charts for three years. However, yellow vehicles still make up a tiny 0.5 per cent of the total market share of new cars.