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Sam Panopoulos, Inventor Of The Hawaiian Pizza, Dies At Age 83


The man who invented the Hawaiian pizza, Sam Panopoulos, has reportedly died at the age of 83.

Sam Panopoulos

Canadian Sam Panopoulos, the man who invented the Hawaiian pizza, suddenly died in hospital on Thursday.

Panopoulos moved from Greece to Canada in 1954, at the age of 20. He and his brothers eventually began managing many successful restaurants in the area. In 1962, in one of the restaurants, Satellite Restaurant in southwest Ontario’s Chatham, they decided to try adding pineapple slices and ham onto their pizzas.

Last February, Panopoulos commented on how they first thought of the idea: “We just put it on, just for the fun of it, see how it was going to taste.” he explained. “We were young in the business and doing a lot of experiments.” The name “Hawaiian pizza” came from the name of the pineapple can that they had first used to create it.

Although Panopoulos’s customers loved the pizza and it grew to become widely popular, public acceptance of having pineapple on pizza can seem pretty split.

Gordon Ramsey, the British Chef, famously does not like pineapple on pizza. Guoni Johannesson, the Icelandish president, also sparked controversy on the internet after he had told school children that he “fundamentally opposed” the idea of pineapple on a pizza, saying they should ban it. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, however has said that he is a fan, tweeting about being on #teampineapple this year.

Surprised Hawaiian Pizza Is Canadian?

It comes as a surprise to many that Hawaiian pizza is actually a Canadian creation. This is especially because many have falsely claimed it.

For example, some Germans claimed the invention, arguing that it came from their 1950 “Toast Hawaii”, their pineapple, cheese & ham sandwich.  Because of this, Panopoulos was often chased by the media in order to corroborate their findings that it was indeed a Canadian invention.