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Scarlett Johansson’s Interest In Politics May Lead Her To Run For Public Office In Future


Scarlett Johansson is keen to try her hand at other endeavors besides acting.

The superstar, known for her science fiction roles, said she’s always been interested in local politics. She continued saying that she might swap films for politics and run for office in the US, explaining that she had always had a keen interest in local politics and was keen to follow it up.

A passion for politics:

During a Good Morning America appearance, the 32-year-old said “I’ve always been interested in local politics. Right now I think with my young daughter, and also as my career is going right now, it’s not the right time. But eventually, maybe if my daughter was older and I could totally focus myself on something like that, I think it could be interesting.”

The day after Donald Trump was elected, Women’s March took place all over the country. Johnasson attended the Washington one and gave an impassioned speech about Planned Parenthood and women’s abortion rights. She shared her and her close friends’ life-saving experiences at Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health care in the US and globally, with the crowd.

In 2016, Johansson was named the top grossing actor and despite being a public figure she likes to keep her private life private. However, she added a caution for the Trump era saying “I feel that in the face of this current political climate, it is vital that we all make it our mission to get really, really personal.”

Diverse endeavors:

Johansson has also opened a popcorn shop in Paris last Autumn. Her shop, which she opened alongside her French husband Romain Dauriac who she filed for divorce from earlier this month, serves gourmet popcorn in an array of unusual flavors.

Scarlet’s new film Ghost in the shell came out yesterday. She rose to fame for her roles in Lost In Translation and Girl With A Pearl Earring.