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Screaming Man Attempts To Attack Cockpit Of Malaysia Airlines Flight Before Being Stopped By Passengers


A screaming man attempted to attack the cockpit of a Malaysia Airlines airplane after taking off Wednesday evening in Australia but travelers undertook him before he reaches the pilots.

The jet was taking off from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, Australia’s second-busiest airport.

The aftermath

Consequently, the airport was closed for hours in the evening while armed tactical officers’ cleaned Malaysia Airlines Flight MH128, which had been bound for Kuala Lumpur and the airport.

All inbound flights changed their routes and people who arranged to meet passengers on arrival went home. However, the airport reopened Thursday morning.

Senior Constable for Victoria State Police, Adam West, stated the man never actually went into the cockpit. Shortly after the pilot radioed for help about 11:40 p.m., the plane landed to the ground safe and sound.

“Malaysia Airlines would like to stress that at no point was the aircraft ‘hijacked,'” the airline announced.

What happened?

Passenger David Henderson, said the plane was rising after takeoff when a man started running up and down the passage from the back of the aircraft.

The man was screaming as he kept running. Fortunately, other passengers tackled and restrained him. The captain then declared to the passengers that the jet will be returning to the airport. When they landed, passengers stayed for an hour on board, Henderson said.

“You can’t control crazy people,” Henderson said.

Drew Ambrose, Al Jazeera reporter, was also on this plane. Ambrose said the man was carrying what it looks like an electronic device.

Ambrose added that about a half-dozen travelers stopped the man and restrained him with seat belts.

West, the police officer, said that an investigation was in progress “there appears to be no imminent threat to passengers, staff or public.”