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Singapore PM Lee Hsien siblings rebuke him


Lee Hsien Loong, the Singaporean Prime Minister, is under attack by his siblings. The mutual hostility has thrown the differences that exist in the family open.

Speaking on Wednesday, Lee Hsien Yang and his sister, Lee Wei Ling called out their brother for exploiting their father’s heritage for political interest. The father of three and the first PM of the city-state, Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) died in March 2015.

Lee Hsien Loong’s siblings speaks on his exploitations

Yew’s sister has never failed to talk about him; last year found her speaking against Yew’s use of their father’s death anniversary as political equipment on various Facebook posts. However, the Civil Aviation Authority chairman of the country has stayed away from family issues for some time and still maintains that.

According to Yang siblings’ statement that has been trending on the Straits Time – a local newspaper, as well on the social media, they are worried because the might face different problems with the state organs. Consequently, Yang disclosed that he was moving out from Singapore because of the PM.
The siblings further stated that if Yang has resorted to taking steps against them, they will have to worry for Singapore. They pointedly accused him of taking up LKY’s house contrary to the will of the former leader, and this act was aimed at increasing his political capital.

Lee Wei Ling and his sister accused their brother and his wife, Ho Ching – the CEO of Temasek Holdings for harboring a top political desire for their son, Lei Hongyi, and they detest the way Yang and his wife is bent on getting what they want.

Yang denies the allegations

Responding to a statement, the PM denied the allegations and pointed said he doesn’t have any political ambitions for his son. Expressing his disappointment in his siblings, he stated that he doesn’t deem it fit to throw family matter open in public, and he would do something on the issue once he gets back to the city-state.

An overview of PAP

The People’s Action Party is the ruling party established in 1954 and has been in the seat for since 1965 when Singapore got their independence. Although the government got rebuked when it tried to make itself the first world nation, LKY’s regime saw this through.