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Snapchat redesigned the application after CEO Evan Spiegel admitted it was too difficult to use (SNAP)


The founder of Snapchat admitted that the company’s application was too difficult to use on Tuesday and promised to review it, a surprising move to leave one of the key features less than a year after the IPO.

“1 thing we have heard about for years is that Snapchat is not easy to understand or difficult to use, and our team worked on responding to those comments,” said founder Snap and Evan Spiegel, the CEO at the conference. Phone. With analysts on Tuesday. “So we’re currently redesigning our app to help you use it.”

Spiegel admitted that redesign in the beginning could have a negative impact on Snapo’s business

“We still do not know how the behaviour of our community will change when they use our renewed application,” Spiegel said. “We are ready to take that risk for what we believe will be of great value to our business in the long run.”

The measure is a major concession that Snapchat’s application, known for its design that leaves users more lost, now leaves the company’s problems now when sold in public markets and meets the needs of the investor’s growth.

And it came when Snap reported terrible third-quarter results, burdened with everything that slowed down customer growth and $ 40 million, because it misunderstood the demand for its hardware product. Stocks fell more than 16% on Tuesday.

SPIEGEL refused to say when the redesigned application will appear at the teleconference after the results conference on Tuesday.

“We spent a lot of time studying the evolution of content sources on mobile devices,” he said, inviting Twitter and Facebook to its competitors.

He pointed to news feed on Facebook as “friends” as a product that limits how many new content users can receive.