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Sorry to bother you, but I’ve just killed my wife: Words of husband when he rang police


A husband called 999 after stabbing his wife in a row about chicken, telling operators: “I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ve just killed my wife.” Sixty one year old Russell Worthington, from Amesbury in Wiltshire, is said to have knifed his wife of 33 years, Gail, 63, after she told him the chicken he cooked was too dry.

A court has been told that Mr Worthington said he finally snapped after years of misery. Although he told emergency crews he had killed his wife, she actually survived the alleged knife assault, although she had to spend five weeks in hospital.

At Worthington’s trial at Salisbury Crown Court, his wife actually defended his actions, saying he had never been violent towards her before, and that she turned into a “monster” when she was drunk. An argument is said to have started when Mrs Worthington told her husband that the chicken he had prepared was too dry, hitting him over the head while he was holding a carving knife.

Close to death

When emergency crews arrived at the mobile home the couple shared, they found Mrs Worthington badly injured and barely conscious, while her husband was crying nearby. A knife covered in blood was then discovered in the kitchen, along with an empty bottle of vodka.

He told police and paramedics at the scene that he had stabbed his wife in the stomach, and that she had driven him to it. He said that she had hated his guts for the last 30 years, and he had finally reached the end of his tether.

Defending, Jodie Mitchell said that Mr Worthington had not stabbed his wife, but that she had staggered into the blade in her drunken state. Mrs Worthington is said to have no recollection of the incident at all, but accepted that she became very nasty when she was drunk. The trial continues.