Home Science SpaceX successfully launches its heaviest geostationary orbital payload yet

SpaceX successfully launches its heaviest geostationary orbital payload yet


SpacexX successful launched a payload communication satellite on a Falcon 9 rocket with the aim of rendering a high-speed internet service on a global scale. The Falcon 9 carried the largest and heaviest communication satellite ever launched by SpaceX and with the intent of reaching millions of customers.

SpaceX originally planned to launch the satellite with one of their Falcon Heavy rockets, but it is not yet available for commercial use. As a replacement, an improved Falcon 9 Payload already approved was used to deliver the satellite to the targeted orbit.

The rocket was launched at Kennedy Space Center Florida. This Complex was repurposed by SpaceX to support the Falcon 9 rocket and the yet-to-be-approved Falcon Heavy rocket. The launching kicked start the operation of the satellite alongside the three already launched satellites. It will help increase the capacity of the network and also act as a backup in case of any form of failure from other stations.
The first stage burn of the rocket was successful, and then it will begin the second stage which will enable it to move to the proper geostationary orbit. If the rocket successful enters the correct position, it will deploy the payload.
This article will be updated when the team resumes the broadcast to keep you informed about the success of the mission.