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Suspected crocodile attack kills Woman


The remains of a victim discovered near a walking stick and clothing are being tested forensically after the person who has dementia got missing from a nursing home in Queensland.
It was confirmed by Ed Lukin on Friday that the remains were that of a human and that the chance they belonged to the woman being looked for Anne Cameron was high.

Cameron was reported to be seen last at Craiglie, on the afternoon of Tuesday. The police fears that Cameron was taken by a crocodile after a brief bout of disorientation that led to her wandering into the bush.

It is feared by Police that Cameron may have been taken by a crocodile after wandering the grounds due to disorientation and later into the surrounding bush. She, who at the time was 79 years old, was last seen on Tuesday afternoon.

Cameron’s clothes and walking stick were recovered on Thursday at the tail end of the Four Mile Beach.

Search for killer crocodile launched

Officers have employed boats and copters to look for crocodiles in the region, and they have scheduled to continue the search late into the night.

Michael Joyce, stated his confidence about his team getting a tangible result. The Director of the wildlife department stated that instructions have been given to the community to report activities of crocodiles that are abnormal.

It was revealed by Joyce that the killer crocodile might exhibit a degree of confidence more significant than others.

Isabella Eggins, the granddaughter of the victim, has thanked all individuals who helped in the search. She expressed her regret for the turn of events, confirming the passing away of her Grandmother, Anne Cameron. She further added that her grandmother would be missed by all her family.