Home Politics Suspects of Jongemas murder visited the crime scene at the airport

Suspects of Jongemas murder visited the crime scene at the airport


Sepang: Two women are being tried for North Korea’s murder of a North Korean leader visited Malaysia’s port where they were poisoned, accompanied by a large number of fully armed police on Tuesday.

Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, wearing impatient vests, were taken to the terminal budget at Kuala Lumpur International Airport with the president of the court, attorneys and prosecutors.

Approximately 200 policemen, many of whom were armed with guns and masks, were deployed when the enthusiast arrived at the terminal, where a large group of journalists was waiting.
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Investigative tasks on the criminal scene often occur in criminal proceedings in Malaysia

Huong, 29, and Aisyah, 25, have been charged with killing Kima on February 13, rubbing the nervous VX agent on a cold-hot shocked Hawaiian style that has astonished the world.

Women, who were detained a few days after the killing and risking being suspended if they were found guilty, pleaded not guilty to the murder of half-brother Kim Jong-Una.

The assassination has sparked a powerful dispute between Malaysia and North Korea, which he calls the state a coup, a prosecution that Pyongyang denied.

However, four unknown suspects will be accused. Four North Koreans left Malaysia on the day of the murder.

At the airport, the group was the first in the area where the nervous agent was on Kim’s face. He died of an agonizing death within 20 minutes of the attack with such deadly chemical that the United Nations classified as a weapon for mass destruction.

The accused were taken to the Bibik Heritage cafe, where Aisyah met a man known in the court as “Mr. Chang” who allegedly wiped the liquid into his hands before committing the attack.