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Swedish Government Admit To Sensitive Data Leak


Swedish authority has revealed that they experienced a massive data leak that was organized by its own Amid an IT research department in 2015.

“It’s a disaster” the Swedish prime minister revealed

Reports state that classified data relating to the country’s military work force including defence strategy along with witness protection information were all leaked by the Transport sector.

The leaked made it easier for people without security permission to access personal information.

The agency’s ex-director General Maria Agren, who quit office in January, was fined 70,000 Swedish krona (£6,500, $8,500).

There is no indication if IBM Sweden, the outsourced firm where the data was transferred, was involved in any sort of wrong doing- and the tech giant has refused to say anything to the media.

The agency refused to discuss further on the classified data it holds although the management revealed that they had no record of aircraft or airports, and military pilots.
But said it did have details concerning individuals that are under “protected identities”. They also went further to disclose these people don’t have to be worried about their identities being revealed.

It said. “No report suggesting that data was distributed clumsily, clearly they are no direct link to bring about any issue.”

It said. “Every data remained covered in Sweden”.
The agency’s newly appointed Director General Jonas Bjelfvenstam said in a statement “I take cases like this very seriously and measures have already been put in place to forestall a reoccurrence.”

A Careless Government – Rick Falkvinge

“This goes to show that governments cannot be trusted with valuable data”. Rick Falkvinge, head of privacy at Private Internet Access and a founder of the Pirate Party, wrote in a post on his blog.

Rick Falkvinge added “Let’s just get this straight here: if this data has been transferred to a common human by way of this type of carelessness, the punishment would be life in prison.”