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Technique to turn mars or moon rocks into concrete developed


Recent researches carried out by engineers at Stanford and NASA scientists revealed how concrete can be produced using a mixture of animal protein and Martian (known as lunar soil). According to the scientists, this could allow space travelers to establish settlements on the Moon and on Mars.
Tons of concrete would be needed for humans to build settlements on Mars and the Moon. This is because the Moon and Mars are constantly bombarded with both micrometeorites and lethal radiation that would ruin ordinary structures.
As it is almost an impossible task to send the needed quantity of concrete from Earth to Mars, thus the ideal thing to do is to find a technique to produce it in outer Space. Producing concrete on Earth require an enormous amount of energy and heat. Such amount of heat would not be available for the first human outposts on Mars.
However, trying to solve this challenge, the researchers used animal protein and Martian to make concrete which might just solve the problem. The protein is found in bovine blood, a by-product that can be found in Slaughterhouses. It becomes sticky when it is combined with soil.
The team of researchers which include David Loftus from NASA’s Ames Research Center and Michael Lepech from Stanford University experimenting the process; they mixed the protein with replicated extraterrestrial soils which are just like what is on the Moon and Mars.
The first result was impressive and a sign of a promising start, the set of concrete made was strong like the type used for patios and sidewalks. The produced concrete was taken to Ames Vertical gun range where it received several blasting with high speed of gas particles.
However, for the production of concrete on Mars, researchers came up with the idea to create a form of ‘biological factories’ of organisms which can be engineered genetically to produce more of the protein binder. This is the same method biotech companies genetically engineer certain bacteria to produce synthetic hormones.
While regular concrete cannot be recycled, this new form of concrete can, and this can save a great amount of energy.