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Teen Wakes Up To Crunching Sound After Being Bit By A Bear


A teen wakes up to the sound of a crunching on Sunday to find a bear biting his head and dragging him away in Colorado.

“Crunching Sounds”

The 19-year old teen, a staffer at a Colorado youth camp, woke up at 4 am to a “crunching sound”, only to find his head in the mouth of a bear. The bear was trying to pull the teen, only identified as Dylan, out of his sleeping bag, where he was sleeping outside at Glacier View Ranch. The ranch is about 48 miles northwest of Denver, Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said that the teen punched and hit the bear, while other staffers who woke to the commotion, shouted and swatted at the bear nearby. Eventually the bear gave up and left.

Dylan was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

“The crunching noise, I guess, was the teeth scraping against the skull as it dug in,” said the teen, who teaches wilderness survival at the camp owned by the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.

The staffers were sleeping nearby the teepees in which 12 and 13-year-old kids were sleeping. No one else was harmed.

Although black bears are normally not aggressive there has been an increase of attacks on people in the West in recent weeks.

Another Attack

On Tuesday, a woman and her dogs were attacked, after apparently surprising an adult bear and her cub, behind a huckleberry patch at the Idaho Panhandle National Forests.

Last month in Alaska, black bears killed two people in separate attacks.

Mine contract worker Erin Johnson died and her co-worker was injured in a mauling about 275 miles northeast of Anchorage. And 16-year old Patrick “Jack” Cooper was killed after getting lost in a mountain race south of Anchorage.

Black bears normally will defend their young and can paw and bite tents which has food they can eat. The Wildlife officers checked the surrounding area for traces of food that could have attracted the bear to the camp and found nothing. They have set up traps and will continue looking for the bear.

Most likely any bear found in the trap will be euthanized, especially as the bear’s behavior was very unusual, said Churchill.