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The appearance of the NFL through the ice silence between Jerry Jones and Arthur Blanch


The league stays are fully extended on Sunday, and Jerry Jones and Arthur Blank on the opposite sides of the field before the match and without a match. It was strangely cold, as Jones recognized one of several times when he was not replaced with a roommate.

“That’s weird,” Jones said after Dallas Cowboys beat Blanks Atlanta Falcons 27-7. “I had games for any reason, I did not visit them, but that’s strange.”

Not a big surprise, since the telenovel is at the board of more television than the NFL itself

The League is known for being publicly battled between the owners, despising something that contaminates or insults the beloved “shield”. But Jones not only transports dirty clothes, but hangs them in the yard so everyone can see it.

Jones is angry at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, though the reasons are controversial. Some reports say he believes Goodell earns too much money and that his contract should be based on incentives.

That may be the case, but Jones thought the commissioner unanimously joined the other 31 owners in May in order to extend the contract to Goodell. Only when Goodell Cowboys stopped six games by Ezekiel Elliott in August due to alleged family abuse, Jones commented.

Now he says the discipline is too big and that owners need to have more words in Goodell’s decisions. Funny, Jones was okay with Goodell who took a hammer on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

But I’m scared

Jones also plans to extend the process to Goodell’s extension. Instead of solving the details of the Compensation Board as it did in the past, Jones wants to express his opinion with 32 owners.