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The Wave Glider A Robot That Helps Great Barrier Reef


In the quest to observe portions, a vehicle referred to as the Wave Glider was used. The vice president, Chris Raymond, of Boeing Autonomous shared with the media that the gliders can make in gathering data that are human based.

This is the way the wave glider assists the barrier reef

Dr.Llewelyn, the head of technology and data at AIMS, in expounding the complications shared that the instruments used at sea were moored, and the data was shown to them by the use of a surface, or sometimes they just go and get it. In her words “Our ships are dispatched every six to nine months, it is quite a technical operation due to the fact that our batteries fail and other unanticipated challenges often spring up.”

Real-time data was made available by the autonomous robot, floating and covered carefully with sensory devices. Data was given about the content of chlorophyll in the water, degree of oil leaks and spills in the water.

After the process of time, it was noted that the reefs captured major headlines, regardless of the severity or importance of the news being shared.

It employs Wifi when within range and data network of Telstra, more information was forwarded to AIMS’ laboratories for more analysis.