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Theresa May To Face More Challenges After Withdrawal Procedure


Barely having initiated the withdrawal procedure of the European Union, the prime minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May is facing numerous challenges. The head of state, already having to deal with the intense negotiations alongside the 27 member states of the European Council, is now threatened with another referendum of independence in Scotland from the British union.

Mechanism Failure

As the disintegration process of the United Kingdom from the continental federation is seeing the day of light, prospects of the initiative seem to be a much more complicated equation and advocates of the calls ever thought it to be.  Scotland and Ireland don’t seem enthusiastic by the decision taken by the English nation and held separate parliamentary votes approving referendums over their future under the umbrella of the kingdom.  This came after both nations voted on the motion of European integrity and shows there continental partners over their neighbor.

Ms. May is now expected to hold the remains of the millennium old empire together as well as ensuring a safe exit from the EU that would ensure the rights and benefits of all its citizens and businesses.  The leaders of the continental federation are an unhappy with this decision and are planning to put the cost bill as high as possible for Britain.  Recent negotiations have contrasted the difference in aspect of both counterparts, creating uncertainty and fear across the continent.  Millions of citizens are trapped in this shady ambience having to speculate over their unknown future.

Lonely Britain

The so called “Global Britain” is at risk of facing unprecedented isolation that has not been drawn in the picture of the architects of the Brexit. A divorce of Edinburgh and Dublin from London would bring the British equation out of balance and irritate policymakers in their pursuit of their destination.