Home Politics Tillerson intimates a desire for Closer ties with India to counter China

Tillerson intimates a desire for Closer ties with India to counter China


India was defined as an ally in a calculated relationship by Mr.Tillerson. He commented further that the United States would never really have the same connection with a non-democratic state like China.

It was cited by him Beijing had in sometimes acted outside the expected convention, typically in the case of dispute of the South China Sea.

His thoughts had preceded the meeting he has next week with India

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, will pay a visit to some countries in Asia, China inclusive this November.

Mr.Tillerson in a speech in Wahington at the Center for International and Strategic Studies stated that the US desires to have constructive ties with the Asian Country of China, However that there will be no shrinking from the challenges encountered in the rules-based order.

He went ahead to describe relationships with India to be of a global kind, that joint interest exist between the two states not just in democracy in a shared idea and desire for a better future.
The remarks by the secretary of state were made public a few moments after President Xi Jinping’s speech at the Communist Chinese Party Congress where it was suggested by Mr. Xi that Beijing would be more involved in the affairs of the world.

China hopes to play a more global role in the future

Mr.Tillerson frowned at the provocative actions of China in regards to the South China Sea, in his statement on Wednesday, he declared that the activities challenged directly what the US and India stood for regarding norms and international laws.
He then bade India to be more active in the security of the region, adding that they both, India and the US should be making other countries more capable of putting up a defence for their sovereignty.

Ensuing the speech by Mr.Tillerman, the Chinese Embassy released a statement in Washington that Beijing will not seek to pursue expansion, development or hegemony while putting others at risk or danger.