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TJX is being sold because of a muted retail market


As buyers continue to run away from the department store, which will more often than not be in your hands often – and career – more priced than the brilliant TJX Company.

TJX, which operates with TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and household supplies, the subject of Helen Lichter, is obviously more than its fair share of buyers who do not buy more in full line purchases.
Framingham, Massachusetts, 3,913 retail outlets, said on Tuesday that a six percent increase in sales in the second quarter – the Titanic increase of 3 percent in the same branches, running away from the unrest industry.

Revenues slightly increased to $ 553 million

The customer service also rose in the third quarter and led sales growth in their stores, officials said at a call for analysts Tuesday, but did not detect growth in traffic.

“Market share is an important goal,” said Executive Director and President Ernie Herrman, who was proud of this day’s company’s easy access to the best products.

Where many designer brands, including Michael Corsa, Coach and Vince, Ralph Lauren were removed from the department store, Hermann said at the invitation: “We have not experienced at least our major brands, and in any case, we have to manage our buying river patterns and buy too much too soon “.

TJX buys a lot of its stocks directly from manufacturers and factories – and a thinner percentage of 10 to 15%, a department store, according to Craig Johnson, President of Partner Buyers Growth.

“The off-price industry has begun decades largely because oversized surplus stockpiles of a department store, but this model as TJX expands its supplier base,” Johnson said.

TJX works with 18,000 suppliers, companies

In March, the manager of the retail out of Macy said it was a greater threat to Macy – not Amazon or online shopping as a whole. Buyer traffic Macy dropped 5.5 percent in the second quarter.

“TJX’s ability to grow traffic is the position of power over this lower resolution,” Nomura analyst Simeon Siegel Instinet said. “In a way, the off-price sector for commodities is new.”
About half the income of TJX is now coming from non-clothing; TJX shares closed 54 cents higher at $ 70.16.