Home Business Toyota set to unveil its sports car next month in Japan

Toyota set to unveil its sports car next month in Japan


A recent report from Automotive News shows that Toyota enthusiasts may have more cause to celebrate more than the unveiling of the new Supra. The Japanese car maker is set to release a flashy sports car I in September.

Undoubtedly, car lovers can’t wait to see what the new Toyota sports car has to offer; perhaps it would be way better than the Supra. However, official details are not reachable at the moment, but Automotive News believes the product line may be similar to the Lexus’ F series, with optimized performance packages and trims for current cars like the Corolla, 86, and the Camry.

Unnamed Toyota may not be found outside Japan

Like several other cars in Japanese, the new car may not be seen outside Japan. According to Automotive News, Toyota hopes to unveil the unnamed car next month, at an event in Japan, possibly the car may not be available outside of Japan.
If the new lineup is more than the small wheel and body kit arrangements, Toyota may introduce a follow up in the line of Toyota Racing Development.

While waiting for the new Supra, Toyota emphasized its commitment to providing its GRMN offerings. The GRMN offerings are cars manufactured by Gazoo Racing Co., an in house branch reorganized recently to manufacture special editions and coming sports cars.

Toyota launched the Yaris GRMN in Europe earlier this year, a new hatch where Toyota’s skunkworks came to play.