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TUI Set To Revise UK Trips To Tunisia


Tour operator Tui said it will consider revising its holidays trip away from the UK to Tunisia, although it would decide its final step based on the request.

TUI has started flying travellers from Belgium to every location in Tunisia and Germans.

The Foreign Office revised its tourist with views on Tunisia during the end of July following two years of restraint.

TUI confirmed that demand climbed to 12.6% in the third quarter to 4.78bn (£4.3bn) much as revenue climbed by 37.7% to 221.6m euros.

The company again confirmed that re-labeling of Thomson in the United Kingdom to TUI would be finished within the season.

Just last month, the authority amended its travel consultation for Tunisia after 31 British’s were murdered in a terror raid at a resort located at Sousse in 2015.

The Foreign Office has now revised its consultation regarding the capital Tunis and other vital tourist resorts site.

British’citizens are still advised to stay away from some areas in the interior and south, including Libyan and Algeria frontiers.

Revised Travel Rules For European Countries

France, Italy, Germany and US had already revised its travel consultation before the declaration by the UK authorities.

Decisions on British sales still haven’t been decided yet:
“Whether we create a scheme, still no decision has to be made yet.” Fritz Joussen, Tui Group chief executive said.

Declaring its third quarter reports he disclose that his now hoping for “better year” with complete year sales expected to increase higher to about 3% previously predicted.