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Two Seattle Police Officers Shoot 30 Year Old Mother To Death After She Called Them To Investigate A Robbery


Two Seattle police officers on Sunday shot a 30-year-old mother to death after she called them to investigate a robbery.

Both Seattle Police Department officers fatally shot a woman, identified as Charleena Lyles, inside the apartment building after they said she argued with them holding a knife, police said. She was killed at the scene.

Child In The Apartment

It has been reported that children inside the apartment at the time the argument sparked off. However, none of them was injured or harmed, the police said.

“There is no reason for her to be shot in front of her babies.” Monika Williams, the sister of the slain woman, told reporters outside the apartment building. “She had mental health issues that nobody is trying to address.”

Four days after Layles was released from King County Jail as she was arrested on June 5 for threatening police officers with large kitchen scissors inside the apartment, according to a police incident report filed in Seattle Municipal Court.

“Drop The Scissors”

During her argument with the officers, the black woman claimed that the two officers were “devils and also members of the KKK.” referring to the white-supremacy group, the police read earlier. An officer managed to convince the woman, whose her family claims has mental issues, to drop the scissors and she was arrested.

When a police spokesman was asked whether the officers on June 5 were the same officers who fatally shot Lyles on Sunday, or whether the officers had previously been trained on how to deal with mental issues. The police statement said two officers were urged to respond due to “information pertaining to this address that presented an increased risk to officers.”

Photos of Lyles and her children were pinned on black plastic chairs and placards that read Black Lives Matter were posted outside her building.

Black Lives Matter was a movement that was launched against the police killing unarmed black people in the United States.