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U.S Citizen Detained For 3 Years In Egypt Without Evidence Of Allegations Returned To The U.S Under The Auspices Of Trump


On the other side of the world, where the liberal humanitarian aspect of life is not a feature in the framework of states; activists that pose a threat to ruling elites can be charged with the most horrific accusations and deprived from advocating their case.

An US/Egyptian street child organization founder and her husband have been acquitted of an atrocious sexual allegation, thrown at them by the Egyptian state and locked them up for nearly three years without evidence of fair prosecution.

The case of Mrs. Aya Hijazi and her husband has been circulating around global media institutions and human rights organizations, under the sealing of the previous liberal administration of Mr. Barack Obama.

Reconciliation under Trump

The military junta ruling Egypt since 2013 wasn’t in good terms with the previous American administration, resulting in stranded bilateral ties between the decades long allies.

The current Egyptian president, Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi, showed early signs of mutual appreciation with Mr. Donald Trump during the latter’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The two leaders expressed in Washington, beginning of this month in the White House, understanding and will for cooperation between the two nations; finding common ground on a multitude of geo-political regional and state-level interests.

The American head of state raised his concerns for the detainment of Mrs. Aya Hijazi and the transparency of her prosecution, demanding her release and hand over to the U.S authorities.

Public rage

The visit of the Egyptian president was preceded by a media storm rebutting the human rights conditions in Egypt, including the crackdown of political/social activist, freedoms and opposition.

The public fury led Mr.Trump to put the request of the U.S citizen detained under Egyptian authorities as a priority but didn’t make it official to wait for the reaction of the Egyptian authorities.