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U.S Drops GBU-43, “Mother Of All Bombs”, In Afghanistan Targeting ISIL Tunnels


Called “Mother of all Bombs”, the GBU-43 bomb has been dropped today at 7:00 pm local time in Afghanistan by a U.S MC-130 aircraft.

In their fight against Islamic State militants, the American Armed forces under the Trump administration, have broken all barriers in mostly considered unilateral moves.

The assault was targeted at ISIL tunnels, underground facilities and a cave complex which they used to strike at U.S military advisors deployed in the region and Afghan security forces.

Massive, Destructive Blast

The White House spokesperson, Sean Spicer, stated in a press conference that the Oval Office was persistent in their fight against the radical entities and described the implied missile as: “large, powerful and accurately-delivered weapon intended to disrupt the movements of militants in the country”.

The acronym for this missile is MOAB, which stands for “massive ordinance air blast” that has a magnitude of 21,000lb.

The head of US and international forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, confirmed: “This is the right munitions to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against Isis”.

Trump behind the strike?

Reporters have been inquiring the command chain behind this military move, speculating about the root of the order. The president, Mr.Donald Trump, is believed to be the initial source of the mandate according to an anonymous source.

In retrospective, no government agency or official have confirmed this rumor as for such a strike to be conducted, the pentagon does not need the president’s approval.

According to The Independent, the order was traced back to the pentagon to General Joseph Votel, commander of US Central Command, but couldn’t be further tracked to the White house.

The size and magnitude of the MOAB, developed and tested shortly before the 2003 Iraq war, raises questions about the objective of the mission and the necessity to use such a lethal arm. Retired Lt. Col. Rick Francona added that this bomb: “would feel like a nuclear weapon to anyone near the area”.