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United Airline goes free after dragging a passenger off a flight


Federal officials have resolved not to sanction United Airlines for practically dragging out a flight passenger, David Dao off a plane in Chicago to allow airline workers to enter the aircraft. According to Dao’s lawyer, Dao was injured, lost two teeth, sustained concussion and a broken nose.

United Airlines never discriminated

A letter addressed to United Airlines and dated May 12 stated that the Department of Transportation didn’t find any evidence that the airline service discriminated any passengers, and not Dao, a physician from Kentucky with an Asian-American origin, based on nationality differences. The letter also stated that the activities of the Chicago airport police were not considered in the investigation.

However, the letter pointed that United had gone against some laws on bumping passengers. The investigation discovered that the airline service violated some federal laws by giving Dao and his wife a duplicate of the overbooking procedures, but it specified that United couldn’t do so because Dao went for a medical checkup immediately he was taken out of the flight. However, the violations of the law by United Airlines don’t call for a fine.

The Department of Transportation lawyer wrote the letter which was gotten by the Flyers Rights through a Freedom of Information Act request.

What actually happened?

On April 9, Dao had boarded a United flight – United Express Flight 3411 from Chicago, headed for Louisville in Kentucky when the staff asked volunteers to leave their position for United workers who should be in Louisville the next day. To make things easier, United offered a hotel voucher and money in exchange, but no one volunteered, even with a promise of giving more money. The staff had to make a quick pick of four persons, including Dao.

Dao refused to leave the flight, giving reasons that he had to visit his patients in the morning, as he’s a physician. The staff had to call on law enforcement officers who forced Dao out of his seat and made him take the aisle down the flight.

According to Dao’s attorney, Thomas Demetrio, his client’s nose was injured and needed reconstructive surgery. Just about three weeks after the incident, United Airlines settled Dao for an unmentioned sum and accepted the responsibility of the event.

The settlement also meant that Dao would not sue Chicago, whose Department of Aviation police officers manually pulled him out of the plane, Demetrio informed Crain’s Chicago Business.