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Unveiled: Iphone 8 Top Features


With the changes the phone giants, Apple is making to their phones, it is said that the premium iPhone (iPhone 8) will be designed without a physical home button. With this new development, Apple has put a feature that activates it’s intelligent assistant Siri by holding down the Sleep/ Wake Button or using the conventional voice command “Hey Siri”.

This was discovered by iOS developer Guilherme Rambo in the source code of the iPhone 8 and other new upcoming designs like the Homepod firmware and a 4k Apple TV.

Though the preferred way for users to interact with the conventional digital assistant “Siri” is through voice activation, this new feature will act as a second option especially for users who are more comfortable using buttons. This sleep/wake button is not limited to activating Siri alone but for other uses as well.

Emergency Option, Amongst Top Features

It will be used to lock and open the phone, holding the button longer will power down the device and most importantly the new emergency SOS option will also be tied to the Sleep/wake button. This Emergency Option which will be unveiled in the iOS 11 will allow a user automatically dial 911 (or the equivalent emergency number in your country) by pressing the button quickly 5 times.

Apple’s redesigned iphone will rely on a new gestural UI that includes a bar along the bottom of the screen and an app port like the one found on iPad instead of the home screen. While the new trend, facial recognition technology is said to substitute Touch ID fingerprint, how apples tends to reassign the functions that involve pressing the home button is still unknown.

All this is said to be unveiled along with new upgrades of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, fifth-generation Apple TV with 4K video support and Apple watch series 3 at Apple’s 12 media event slated to hold on September 12, 2017 which will be streamed live on its official website and Apple TV.