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US Anti-Missile System Spied On By Drone, South Korea Discovers


South Korea discovered a drone, which had taken hundreds of photos, including ten of a US anti-missile system.

The Drone

On Tuesday, South Korea discovered a drone which appeared to be spying on the US Anti-missile system. They found that it had taken hundreds of photos, including ten of the defense system. On it’s way back from the prohibited region, the drone reportedly crashed.

“We confirmed that it took about 10 photos” of the “Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)” anti-missile system, said a South Korean official. “Two missile launchers and the fire control radar of the system, which have already been deployed, were also included in the pictures.”

The system that the drone took pictures of was a US anti-missile defence system deployed in South Korea’s Seongju region, which is around 250 kilometers away from the North Korean border. The system was deployed as a way of countering a growing threat that North Korea would start a missile attack.

The deployment of the system was agreed upon last year, when North Korea continued its development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles despite US sanctions. Both South Korea and the US agreed that the system’s only aim is to defend against potential North Korean missile attacks. It became fully operational just this May, as announced by US authorities. This was obviously a concern for North Korea as well as China, its known ally.

Who Did the Drone Belong to?

The drone is currently suspected to belong to North Korea.

In 2014, several drone suspected to belong to North Korea, were discovered by authorities on the south side of the border between North and South Korea. According to officials, Tuesdays drone was similar to those found back then, such as their “low technology features.”

“We will come up with measures to deal with North Korean drones,” a South Korean official said.