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Venezuela demands arrest authorization for prosecutors


Mr. Maduro stated that Ms. Ortega and her husband were involved in heinous crimes. Ms. Ortega who was an ally President Maduro has turned to be one of his critics, speaking without fears.

The meeting in Brazil

Firstly, Ms. Ortega and her husband went to the Caribbean island of Aruba and went to Colombia in a private jet. President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia stated his country is ready to protect her if she asks for it. The local media suggests that she possesses vital information about Venezuela and Cuba’s link with the left-wing rebels of Colombia.

Last year, the rebels sealed a peace deal with the government of Colombia which was possible by the aid of Cuba and Venezuela.

The migration authorities of Colombia, on Tuesday, said she was going to Brazil, where she arrived in the later part of the day. Ms. Ortega gave out a written statement which contains the information that she would be in a meeting that will hold in Brazil of attorneys and prosecutors from the economic group region, Mercosur.

Ms. Ortega went on to say that she would speak of the breaking of the thread of constitution in her country, Venezuela during the meeting. She also said that the event would give her the opportunity to make the world know, as well show proofs that the President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinets are corrupt which will incriminate them.

Earlier this month Luisa Ortega was fired by the Venezuela’s recent National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on the charges of immoral acts. Ortega questions the institution of the assembly that has so many government supporters, saying that it was not constitutional and demeans the legislative body of the country.

The constituent assembly has given out an arrest warrant for Ortega’s husband who was a former support of German Ferrer, a liberal lawmaker. He’s alleged of being part of illegal activities in the office of the chief prosecutor.

However, other opposition members of Venezuela have fled, and are looking for asylum

On Tuesday, Chile said it had allowed diplomatic asylum to five persons from Venezuela who came for protection in its ambassador’s home in Caracas. The group involves one opposition politician and four judges.

ANC has raised the idea of hunting opponents it deems as the cause of the long street campaign against President Maduro. He has backed the ANC, pointing out its meant to command peace in the country.

Oppositions demand quick elections and the impeachment of Mr. Maduro, in the protest. The anti-government protest has claimed over 100 lives and has been pushed by opposition members. They stand on the idea that the country’s economy is fast falling, with food and medical shortages, causing inflation and the increase of crimes.

Mr. Maduro says that the economic and political crisis in the country is sponsored by the right-wing elite, with support from the US trying to make military powers overtake the vast oil reserves of Venezuela. However, he expressed his readiness to protect Venezuela from US imperialism, in a press conference.