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Volcanic Eruption In Alaska Provokes A Temporary Raising Of The Highest Aircraft Alert


A volcanic eruption on Alaska’s Bogoslof Island on Sunday provoked a temporary raising of the highest aircraft alert, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) announced on Sunday.

Alaska’s Bogoslof Island, part of the Aleutian island chain has witnessed the incident that resulted in a code “red” aviation alert, indicating to serious danger; however, it gradually turned “orange.”

The aircraft discovers the incident

The Alaska Volcano Observatory stated that the cloud formed by the eruption ascended till it reached 35,000 ft., and potentially as high as 45,000 ft.,

“We actually went to colour code red this afternoon because of numerous lightning detections and increased seismic signals,” Jeffrey Freymueller of the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks tells CNN.

“Lightning in the Aleutians is mostly due to volcanic plumes, as the meteorological conditions for lightning are not common,” Freymueller said.

“The combination of lightning and seismic data allowed us to go to red within about half an hour of the start of the eruption.”

The eruption took nearly 50 minutes, the AVO said.

Bogoslof Volcano in unpredictable state

According to the United States Geological Survey, several flights fly over regions from Asia to North America so the ash cloud could indigne aircraft. “Ash and aircraft do not mix, as volcanic ash is abrasive, melts at jet engine temperatures, and can cause engine failure.”

Alaska Volcano Observatory researchers took a picture 14 minutes after the moment the volcano erupted, adjacent to Unalaska Island, which projected a huge white-gray mushroom cloud form covering the place.

According to a report released by the Observatory, Bogoslof Volcano is still in an unpredictable state. The report also reads, “additional explosions producing high-altitude volcanic clouds could occur at any time.”

It warns that if it stays in a low-level activity, it would “pose a hazard in the immediate vicinity of the volcano.”

This is not the first time for Bogoslof Volcano to erupt and cause troubles; there were eight records of eruption incidents, the most recent eruption in 1992.