We need a better environmental protection


I voted for President Donald Trump because of his political campaign to assuage student debt and also for fair trade, as well as his viewpoint on immigration. I also support a clean Earth as it results in a sanitized and healthy environment.

We, the general population of our Earth, the most sociable complex and developed creature occupying the planet, must promote the well-being of the Earth. Sadly, President Trump and the director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, don’t concur.

Recently, Pruitt dismissed scientific consultants from the EPA and planned to supplant them with environmental polluters. His actions expelled intellect from the office and rivalry from the market.

Regardless of who is in power, we all need clean water and air, and an administration that provides these things for her citizens, Tyler Kapish, Fairless Hills.

Reclaim our reputation as a world leader

I had no difficulty with sleeping at night until 1959, when my life drastically changed. I put in three years on the alarm in the United States Armed forces, watching the “Iron Curtain” in Germany – protecting us from a Russian attack.

Those three years were the most challenging experience I had during my youthful life. So I can understand what the young troops protecting the North-South Korean borders are experiencing today.

At night, we slept vigilantly with our weapons and vehicles in position. I never truly had a decent night’s rest. The global anxiety remained with us consistently.

However, we should all make sure to vote to give the United States back the remarkable reputation it once had as a global leader with regards to all countries, Art Miller, Newtown.

Don’t bribe public officials

It’s high time Pennsylvania gets a gift reform, for example, House Bill 39. The deed limits gifts to government officials from anyone except loved ones.

The bipartisan legalization mainly restricts legislators from receiving gifts from any individual who is in the position to benefit from a positive opinion from the Senate or Statehouse.

Studies reveal that wealthy elites have more effect on legislation than the support of the general population. With a specific end goal to have an accountable administration, we, the citizens, must demand a stop to bribery of government officials, Gene Anirina, Langhorne.