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What the heart-final means for the future of the game throne


With the help of Undead Viserion King Night could not cross only the wall at the end of the season seven throngs, but will be criticized by a large part.

After reconciliation between Sansa and Arya Stark in Winterfell, an army of dead from the forest appeared just across the wall in Eastwatch-by-the-Seau.

King night then he flew to the back of Viserion, who passed the wall to the blue fire

“While ordinary dragons (if the dragon can say they are common) breathe the flame, the ice kills supposedly cold, its cold so horrible that it can freeze a solid man at half heart rate,” an ice song companion and a Firefighter book the whole world of ice and fire.

The wall was originally built to defend the kingdom of white mountaineers, ice creams created by children’s forests to defend themselves from the first men. He also said it was pervaded by magic to prevent dead transitions.

However, given the birth of the Daenerys dragon, an event that makes the spell in the world throne after a long latency period, it is logical to consider that an undying dragon could be strong enough to overcome the obstacles to the wall.

“The wall has kept these things 8,000 years ago, there are no real reasons why I cannot do it if there are no walls,” said director D.B. Weiss in the HBO summary after the episode. “The board is from the very beginning, which is big enough to work now, and that’s the dragon … winter is here and everything wins fans from all sides.”