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White tiger causes chaos after escaping from a circus


A magnificent white tiger caused chaos in Sicily after making its escape from a circus it performs with. The stunning Big Cat managed to escape from the travelling circus, which was in Monreale, Palermo at the time.

It is believed to have got out of its cage at dawn before strolling through the town, which is home to 38,000 people, until stunned commuters spotted it on their way to work and called emergency services.

Terrified people stayed inside until police officers managed to catch the beast, with local residents hanging over their upper storey balconies to watch the drama. The huge feline, whose name is Oscar, then lay down on the street outside shops, with residents from the apartments upstairs watching safely from their upstairs balconies.

The tiger was seen prowling around a car park and roads were closed as officials tried to catch him, while keeping local residents safe. The town’s mayor, Piero Capizzi, said he thought it was a joke at first when he was told that there was an escaped tiger.

Caught again

Officials managed to catch him by luring him with meat, before luring him inside a series of cages, which were made smaller each time, before he was taken back to the circus. At first, members of the circus and specially trained police officers arrived with tranquilizers, thinking that they would have to sedate the tiger, but they managed to capture him using the cages instead. Fire officers could also be seen on standby, with fire hoses, presumably to use water to control the potentially dangerous tiger if it became necessary.

Currently, it is not known how the tiger managed to make an escape from the circus, which is travelling from Sweden. Police are now questioning circus bosses about what could have been a potentially dangerous incident.