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With CoaXPress Interface, Mitsubishi’s Electric KD-CX Series Combines CIS Technology


Here comes the big news for the machine vision applications and wide format imaging features. A CoaxPress interface and an industrial line scan camera is one of the novels things from Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., which is a global leader in CIS technology. In one space- saving package are incorporated the LED lights, lens and an imaging sensor in all the KD-CX Series Line Scan Camera.

The KD-CX Series includes following key features: Electric shutter, Switchable color/mono output, Low image distortion and Binning function (600, 300, 200 and 150 dpi).

A tri-linear color sensor is embedded inside the KD-CX Series Line Scan Camera, which is available in 367, 587 and 907 mm, three scan widths. The camera has amazing software settings. For faster acquisition speeds, the users can select lower resolutions. 140 meters per minute at 600 dpi resolution is the CIS camera’s acquisition speed in a 24- or 30-bit RGB. Web- based processes, glass inspection and printed circuit boards are few of the target applications for the KD-CX Series.

For OEMS, system design can be simplified by the KD-CX Series all-in-one form factor. In a confined area, camera’s design could be the only practical imaging solution, while fewer components can reduce the cost of a line scan application for end-user organizations.

Lou fetch, the business development manager for the CIS products, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., Semiconductor Division said that in CIS imaging technology, Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader and a need in the industrial machine vision industry for a CIS camera is being fulfilled with the addition of the KD-CX Series Camera that offers a CoaXPress interface for machine vision applications and wide format imaging both.

For over three decades, the scanning industry has been received CIS imaging devices from Mitsubishi Electric. KD-MX monochrome and KD-AX color series cameras of Mitsubishi Electric use a CameraLink interface and the KD-CX Series camera complements it. Globally, in check scanning, banknote inspection, copiers, ATMs and document scanning the Mitsubishi Electric’s line of CIS modules is used.

Information processing and telecommunication advancements are also fostered by Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.’s Semiconductor Division that presents a portfolio of electronic and semiconductor devices. Today’s rapidly evolving optical telecommunications networks are supported by the next-generation optical devices that are offered by the division. Used in a variety of applications from two-way radios to telecommunication satellites high- frequency silicon FR, gallium nitride and gallium arsenide are used